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Quest Summer Program 2018

We offer Vocational Training and Social Skills Programs over the summer. Class includes practical academic instruction, and small-group and large-group outings each week. These vocation-based outings provide an opportunity to help our work-age students begin to adapt to a work environment.

Tuition is based on the number of sessions enrolled. Once we reach our enrollment limit, we will start a wait list. All classes are held at Bethany United Methodist Church, in the portables.

If you're interested in your child getting some practical academic help, some great social skills training, or some practical vocational training, please contact us and we'd love to visit with about how Quest can help your child.

School Philosophy and Vision

We want to serve the unique needs of children in the Austin area with all types of disabilities so that each child will meet or exceed high standards of achievement in academic and non-academic skills. We hope to enhance our students' educational and vocational experience so that learning the skills they need to succeed is meaningful and rewarding. A positive learning experience is our goal to help retain skills for a lifetime.

Our mission is to advance the vocational and social growth of our students to their fullest potential. Learning never ends!

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